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Based in Chicago + Fly Me To You |


Your sensual escape starts here.

Well, hello there lover. We meet again. Or perhaps, we are yet to have the pleasure?


Whatever the case, what a time to a time to be alive. Either by chance or with intent, we are both right where we need to be. You are here. Searching, seeking.. not sure on what to expect - but excited at the prospect that you have entered a realm of infinite possibilities...


Myself on the other hand -- I am certain it is I that you have been seeking. 


I'd like to think that I understand you. I understand what you need. You are looking to release, to shed your daily restraints and stresses, and delve into the abyss. Sometimes, it's the most simplest of things that brings the most pleasure and provides the most satisfaction in life: a beautiful woman, unparalleled bliss and a true connection free from complication - I am THAT lady... your erotic muse and your sensual guide to passion and fulfillment. You would like to be the one who is taken care of, whose needs are fulfilled…


Let's dive in!


About Adriana

About +

et MOI?

Even the sunlight doesn't feel this good..

I'm your worldly Midwestern sweetheart with killer legs and lingerie addiction. I lead a colorful life in and outside of my life as Adriana. I love to travel, try new cuisines, and learn new languages - the needed trifecta for a very thorough case of wanderlust. My return as Adriana proceeds a lengthy period of academic and professional development; however, being ever the bon vivant, I found that I  needed something more beyond the daily corporate grind to feed my zest for life - something I imagine you might understand. Good thing for you: I'm insatiable

But of course, those that know me can paint the picture far better than I. It has been said that I am creative, sensual, lively and adventurous -- a delightful paradigm of sugar and spice... and a chameleon equally comfortable in a cocktail dress or my favorite pair of jeans. I have gorgeous exotic features, a body curved in the perfect hour glass, a sweet melodic voice, and cerebral prowess that is sure to melt you into sweet putty in my hands.

My varied tastes leads me to enjoy nights out on the town throwing inhibitions to the wind just as much as curling up for a quiet night in with interesting conversation; so whether it is whisking you away from the day's stresses or sharing interesting stories over champagne during a charming dinner date, you will find that my beauty and charm is only the tip of the iceberg that will be our adventure. In any case, when the sweet staccato of my stilettos reaches your ears, you will know you have made the right choice. I invite you to peruse my little cybernook and get to know more about me. It will be my pleasure to meet your acquaintance.​

Until we have the pleasure of meeting, 





Age: Late 20s

Height: 5'3"

Lingerie: 34C, M

Shoe Size: 7.5 US


Diet: YOLO 

Tattoos: none 

Smoker: no 

Piercings: ears

Drinker: Social


Revisionist History

Hidden Brain

The Happiness Lab

It's been a minute

Recent Shows

Umbrella Academy

Russian Roulette


Brave New World

Fav Cuisine

American Contemporary

Korean BBQ

South American

Adriana Monet Chicago Escort
  • What is the purpose of screening and why do I have to give you personal information?​​
    I thank you for considering spending time with me and understand your concerns, however I do hope you understand my need to feel safe and comfortable before meeting for the first time. Would you really feel confident in my ability in keeping our time together a safe, stress-free and relaxing environment when we meet (not to mention remaining discreet) if I did not require such things? There are many unsavory and very dangerous situations that can arise for a lady who does not hold her safety to the highest importance. I screen not only for my safety, but also for the continued safety and discretion of my clients. If you still are reading this and have doubts about my justification, we may not be a compatible fit.
  • How would you describe a date with you? long lost friends who've always held a special flames for each other..who finally meet again and delight in discovering everything new about them. Its a genuine girlfriend experience. I keep my circle small because I prefer the sweet nuance of getting to know each other.
  • I am a newbie at this, but I really want to see you. Can we meet?"
    I have had the pleasure in introducing quite a few new gents to the wonderful world companionship. If you have done your due diligence, you might have heard that I have quite the reputation of taking the screening process of my new clients very seriously, that of which is not only for personal safety, but also compatibility. P.S. Thats a very good thing! ;-) This means, I am safe and discreet --- so relax! You will be in very good hands. I know the first step of making contact is the hardest one, but I promise I am all warm and soft like a little kitten. Do not let my verification requirements scare you away! :D If you haven't seen a companion in years and/or a newbie lacking references/verification memberships, additional information that is not listed on my reservation form will be required. Note that a deposit might also be required to confirm our rendez-vous
  • Can we meet briefly for coffee or cocktails, so that I can see if we get along?"
    I would love to get to know you over cocktails and make an excellent dinner companion, but please take note that my time will always have to be compensated. I suggest reserving an engagement at least 1.5 hours in duration as it provides the perfect opportunity for us to get to know each other in a relaxed environment. Other options: - Set a virtual date. - Check out my Onlyfans Uncensored VIP page. Note that "meeting for coffee" does not equal meeting in public as a form of screening. I will never offer such a thing. All prospective dates will be screened by my methods and any time spent will be compensated.
  • How long will it take you to respond to my inquiry regarding an appointment?
    I am very quick in responding to reservation requests. My response time depends on the amount of screening info you submit in your original correspondence. The more info you supply, the quicker the process! ​ Typical response is between 24-48 hours.
  • Do you offer X, Y, Z, services?"
    A clever gent once said: "A Good Companion makes you feel special. And no, there's no acronym for that. If you need acronyms, you need a dictionary, not a companion." I hope that it is your wish to seek a quality experience that places an importance over such a simplistic way of looking at companionship. I strive to make each and every experience unique --- and that is a beautiful thing. Gents that enjoy my company get this concept of chemistry (the big picture) over a checklist. Unfortunately, if this is something that would prevent us from meeting, I might not be the right companion for you. How Not Be "THAT" Guy: To remain the gent you are, please refrain from using vulgar or inappropriate language referencing anything that might be implied as soliciting any illegal activities. It is NOT tolerated and will result in me possibly terminating our communication. Do not be THAT guy.
  • Do you permit reviews?
    Yes. Although I have been well reviewed in the past, I happen to believe with the transparency and amplification that social media has a had upon the world of companionship, there are better alternatives available for gents to decide that the companion in question is safe and a respected choice. However, I do understand your need to make sure I am reputable, so I am foremost listed on Private Delights -- This platform consists of non-explicit reviews that offers more insight into my date experience without devolving into a check-list. It allows for providers to respond to reviews. This is helpful -- providers can verify that this review is real and a meeting did take place. Lastly, there is not an incentive for bad players to write inaccurate, often exaggerated reviews to maintain membership. I am also listed on The Erotic Review With that said, If my personal website, Twitter, Instagram and uncensored VIP Onlyfans gallery does not convince you that we will have a great experience, we will not be a great match. I would like each and every experience with a new gent to be unique. I do not believe in checking off boxes. I believe in curated experiences that will be unique ONLY to you.
  • What will you wear?
    I would describe my style as being chic, whimsical, and ultra feminine..Wouldn't you just love to know what I will be wearing underneath? ;-) I have an affinity for for wearing dresses, however If you have a particular request I am happy to oblige. Although I love fulfilling your fantasies, I am sad to admit that I am not a mind reader, lol! -- be sure to include any tidbits in your email. For shorter dates less than 2 hours = cute, sexy, discreet, casual (cute top, jeans, heels) For longer/ dinner dates = sexy, feminine, mild to wild depending on date (skirt or dress, heels) Extensive requests should be accompanied with a Gift Card or choosing an item off of my wishlist to prepare for you.
  • Can I use you for a future reference?
    Absolutely! To list me as a future reference, please notify me beforehand of your intent. Also, supply the companion with my email address, not private phone number. I do not answer phone calls from unknown women asking if I've seen you -- for your own protection. Please also note I do not place calls to providers asking for references. If your provider can only be reached via phone, she will likely not be an acceptable reference for me to take. ​ I am happy to provide a reference you if: ~ I have seen you within 12 months ~1 meeting = up to 3 references granted. A suitable provider reference: ~ Is an independent companion whom you have seen within 6 months. ~ Can be reached through email. ~ Has an established reputation
  • I'm in Chicago! What options do I have to see you?
    I offer incall accommodations and can also travel to visit you at your upscale hotel or private home. In the city - Gold Coast & West Loop In the suburbs - Shaumburg Peruse my Rendezvous page for more details.
  • I would like to see you but I don't live in Chicago!
    Oh,la la! Lets make it happen. I offer a Fly-Me-To-You package, which requires a deposit. Contact me for more details. Also, if you would like to stay in-the know in case I may have travel plans to visit your citiy, sign up for my newsletter.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    I understand: Life happens and plans change. I can accommodate a tweak in your schedule if my own schedule allows it. However, If there is ever a need for you to cancel our reserved time together, agreeing to my cancellation fee is a wonderful gesture that shows me that you valued my time and efforts put forth ~ as a selective, low volume/high quality companion ~ especially for our arrangement. This also assures that you will get a second chance at meeting. Cancellations require 24-hour advance notice in order for your deposit to be counted towards a future meeting. For any deposit paid to secure an appointment: If you cancel our appointment with more than 24- hours notice given, your deposit will be credited toward a future appointment - you must reschedule and set a date happening within 1 month (if you are local). After this grace period, a new deposit will be required to meet. ​ When canceling less than 24 hours (on your part): Your deposit will not be credited toward a future appointment and you will incur a 50% cancellation fee of the remainder due for the appointment. ​ In the unlikely event that I cancel: ​ You will have the option of a full refund OR having your deposit credited towards a future meeting + an extra 30 minutes added to our time together. By contacting me, you signify that you agree to these terms.
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