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When you think of me, you will smile..

Well, hello there lover. We meet again. Or perhaps, we are yet to have the pleasure?


Whatever the case, what a time to a time to be alive. Either by chance or with intent, we are both right where we need to be. You are here. Searching, seeking.. not sure on what to expect - but excited at the prospect that you have entered a realm of infinite possibilities...


Myself on the other hand -- I am certain it is I that you have been seeking. 


I'd like to think that I understand you. I understand what you need. You are looking to release, to shed your daily restraints and stresses, and delve into the abyss. Sometimes, it's the most simplest of things that brings the most pleasure and provides the most satisfaction in life: a beautiful woman, unparalleled bliss and a true connection free from complication - I am THAT lady... your erotic muse and your sensual guide to passion and fulfillment. You would like to be the one who is taken care of, whose needs are fulfilled…


Your sensual escape starts here.


About Adriana

About +

et MOI?

Even the sunlight doesn't feel this good..

I'm just a Midwestern sweetheart with killer legs and lingerie addiction. I lead a colorful life in and outside of my life as Adriana. I love to travel, try new cuisines, and learn new languages - the needed trifecta for a very thorough case of wanderlust. I've been on a hiatus for quite some time and my return as Adriana proceeded a lengthy period of academic and professional development; however, being ever the bon vivant, I found that I  needed something more beyond the daily corporate grind to feed my zest for life - something I imagine you might understand. Good thing for you: I'm nearly insatiable

But of course, those that know me can paint the picture far better than I. It has been said that I am creative, sensual, lively and adventurous -- a delightful paradigm of sugar and spice... and a chameleon equally comfortable in a cocktail dress or my favorite pair of jeans. I have gorgeous exotic features, a body curved in the perfect hour glass, a sweet melodic voice, and cerebral prowess that is sure to melt you into sweet putty in my hands.

My varied tastes leads me to enjoy nights out on the town throwing inhibitions to the wind just as much as curling up for a quiet night in with interesting conversation; so whether it is whisking you away from the day's stresses or sharing interesting stories over champagne during a charming dinner date, you will find that my beauty and charm is only the tip of the iceberg that will be our adventure. In any case, when the sweet staccato of my stilettos reaches your ears, you will know you have made the right choice. I invite you to peruse my little cybernook and get to know more about me. It will be my pleasure to meet your acquaintance.​

Until we have the pleasure of meeting....



Age: Late 20s

Height: 5'3"

Lingerie: 34C, M

Shoe Size: 7.5 US


Diet: YOLO 

Tattoos: none 

Smoker: no 

Piercings: ears

Drinker: Social


Revisionist History

Hidden Brain

The Happiness Lab

It's been a minute

Recent Shows

Umbrella Academy

Russian Roulette


Brave New World

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American Contemporary

Korean BBQ

South American

Adriana Monet Chicago Escort
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