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The Perfect Date: Will We "Click"?

A great date starts with a tango... intrigue. A perfect mélange of  attraction and anticipation. Your curiosity is peaked so that you just have to know more. To meet. Daring to take that first step..

Its a delight to see in my inbox a thoughtful and genuine request from a gent seeking to connect on a deeper level. He has enjoyed more than just my pictures . He wants to know the woman, not the idea. I find myself increasingly attracted to men who value intimacy and great conversion just as much as physical attraction -- and a bit of humor goes a looong way. A well-crafted and charming introduction that is more than just the 'bare minimum' -- sure to peak my own interest and definitely set my heart aflutter.

An amazing date does not depend on what you do, but who you do it with. Simply, the perfect date is one in which you and I truly enjoy spending time with each other. Our established report makes our meeting natural, lighthearted, and thoroughly satisfying.

As an independent companion, I am fortunate enough to pick my suitors based not only on safety and comfort, but also compatibility. Enduring through a date is not an experience I desire (and thankfully, a situation that has been virtually nonexistent) for that would be neither fair to you nor would it allow me to enjoy being a companion. It is a simple concept, really.


Communication + Chemistry = :-)

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