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Love in the time of Corona. What a time to be alive. In the age of social distancing, its important now more than ever to stay connected. After all, we haven't stopped craving intimate connection.  Let's take this special time to experiment with new ways of getting to know each other. This is the perfect time to establish a report..  and guaranteed to make our first meeting an amazing, explosive experience.


Flirting, selfies, good morning texts and cheeky emoji action ;-)
$75/ half-day
$150/ Weekend
$300/ Week


Socially distanced, deeply connected. Perfect Icebreaker prior to meeting in person!
$200/ 30 minutes
$300/ 1 Hour

See a more intimate, behind-the-scenes look into my life "off duty". Daily posts, 1:1 chatting, exclusive uncensored pics and xxx video way too hot for social media!

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