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Let's Work Together

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A great first impression is very important! When inquiring about a meeting, it never hurts to break the ice by telling me a little about yourself. Additionally, supplying the required information in your initial email or filling out my reservation form before first contact lets me know you are a serious suitor who is genuinely interested in meeting. Your intro should be free from vulgar or explicit language - I will not respond to these inquiries.


If you are visiting me, please place my gift down (cash only) in plain view without any verbal mention and accept my offer to freshen up in the restroom. I do not accept electronic payments from new clients to settle the remainder due for dates.


Alternatively, if I am visiting you, please have my gift prepared and placed in the restroom. Any mention of my rates or explicit questions anytime in my presence is grounds for termination of our session, so it is highly suggested you do your research beforehand to make sure we are a compatible fit. It is already assumed that you have taken note of my personality, required rate and travel fees before making a reservation, so by confirming the date you agree to these terms. While every companion is different in terms of what makes her most at ease, basic decorum that is proper contact is universal. It is quite simple: Be a gent, and you can expect me to take very good care of you!


​​Note that I practice impeccable hygiene and expect for you to do so as well. There is not anything better than a great smelling, freshly showered, well dressed gent! It will make me want to get very close to you :-)​ While enjoying a glass or two of wine or champagne is acceptable, overindulging while in my company is not. 


Recording: I DO NOT allow recording/audio during our time together - discretion is a two way street. This is a black list-worthy offense, so please be remain the gentleman you are and refrain from this behavior. 

As for my social media content: I may ask to a picture (of myself) only during dinner or drinks for my social media, however I do take care to be as discreet as possible. Pictures will never include or allude to you as a client. 

Allergies: I do not have any food allergies or special diet accommodations. I am a foodie, so let's plan to your heart's content!


Dress Code: I tend to dress for the vibe/mood of the date and weather - this will range from pant suits, dresses, to athleisure (lingerie underneath, always). I welcome outfit requests --- when given alongside the accompanied gift card for purchase (please see my Wishlist).


Please respect our set time together.  If our time together has neared its end or is finished, please know that you can always request for me to stay longer. You will be given the opportunity to resume our engagement after offering my gift for the extension. Please prepare beforehand by taking note of my extended rates. Please also note that I do not accept credit cards, but if you are an established gent and we have built a certain level of trust, I can receive electronic payments via most payment apps. Otherwise, cash is king. 


I understand: Life happens and plans change. I can accommodate a tweak in your schedule if my own schedule allows it. However, If there is ever a need for you to cancel our reserved time together, agreeing to my cancellation fee is a wonderful gesture that shows me that you valued my time and efforts put forth ~ as a selective, low volume/high quality companion ~ especially for our arrangement. This also assures that you will get a second chance at meeting.


Cancellations require 24-hour advance notice in order for your deposit to be counted towards a future meeting.

When canceling less than 24 hours (on your part):


Your deposit will not be credited toward a future appointment and you will incur a 50% cancellation fee of the remainder due for the appointment. 

In the unlikely event that I cancel: 

You will have the option of a full refund OR having your deposit credited towards a future meeting + an extra 30 minutes added to our time together. 


By contacting me, you signify that you agree to these terms.


After our meeting, let me know how much you enjoyed our time together..and how long after did that smile last :-)



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