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While I don't traditionally 'tour', I do like the idea of traveling for the right gent! Alas, my busy personal life allows me small windows of time to savor the experience.

There are two type of travel experiences to choose from: Fly-Me-To-You & Sponsored Tours. Undecided on which is right for you? If you have been wanting to meet me but are not local to Chicago and desire an extended amount of time to get to know each other, a Fly-Me-To-You may be just the ticket! Alternatively, If you are gent with a limited schedule which does not permit an extended engagement, sponsoring my visit to your city is an excellent decision.

2022 Travel Plans

This fall, I can be persuaded to visit the following cities through FTMY or sponsored tour: July - Open to invitations, Surprise Me! August - Boston, Cambridge MA, Philadelphia September - San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles October - Richmond, Washington DC, Arlington VA, New York

November -

Detroit, Madison, Green Bay

December -

Sweet Home Chicago

If your city isn't listed, please reach out to me to express interest! **Fly Me to You: 12 hour Overnight Minimum, hotel/Airfare coverage required, daily spending per diem (if multi-day), private exclusive visit catering only to you **Sponsored Tour: 4 hour Dinner Date Minimum, Airfare coverage required, publicly announced tour

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Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Hot Girl Summer is turning into...definitely something sultry..

I am considering taking my first east coast tour this fall. If you would like to make it a reality, pre-book now. Official dates depend on interest. Rendezvous 2 hours or longer are preferred and will take priority.

*The following dates are tentative and are subject to change according to prebooks*


6-8 • Washington, DC


7-9 • Boston

10-13 • NYC

*If you are in a city that is not on this list, I am available for FTMY with a 4 hour dinner date minimum + air travel and hotel accomodations provided by you*

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Updated: May 18, 2021

Rare Daytime Availability. Hosting in the Gold Coast. Available 8am-10pm

May 19th, May 21, May 24, & May 31st

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