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The Sexiest Organ...

...Is the mind.

Session five of "Hysterical Literature". To see more sessions, click here.

On the surface, this video is all the things you would think it would be: artistic, erotic and extremely arousing. When watching for the first time, I found myself hanging on each word; waiting for any minute change in her body language -- a slight jump, a gasp, or a lilt in speech. The anticipation was most pleasurable. Having the mind flesh out exactly what is happening under that table was perhaps the most erotic thing I have ever experienced.

After reading on the origins of making this project, I admire the series even more. 

Such a powerful commentary about the series, from Amanda Hess:

“Her choice is between sexual object and human subject. That’s always been a false dichotomy, one built to separate women into good girls and damaged sluts, then exert control over their sexuality at both ends. Hysterical Literature hits the internet at a time in human history where it is increasingly possible for women to obliterate that distinction, to express our sexuality without surrendering our agency.”

 - Amanda Hess, Blogger: Sex With Amanda Hess

This speaks to me on many levels: as one of those women who has chosen to not align herself to society's archaic and flawed dichotomy; as a feminist who believes that women (let alone ANYone) policing other women's behavior is an ironic tragedy; and as a woman who isn't afraid of being completely in control of her being -- sexually, mentally, and somatically.

Enjoy the catnip for thought :-)

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